The Summer that was

I’m a perfectionist (aren’t we all, in our own little ways). Recently I’ve felt confronted by what this means–and how it can imprison me. Life is messy, people make mistakes, and flaws are beautiful. So beautiful. And makes the tapestry of everyday more wonderful.


So, inspired by this post, I’ve decided to remember this summer for what it was, not was it could have been, or what I could have done. Because it was an a

mazing summer, full of growth and wonder.

This summer, I….

…was caught in my first Tornado (in Oklahoma!)

….drove across the plains, and stopped at the ‘home of the throwed rolls.

….visited Asheville, NC

….celebrated two incredible marriages

….stood next to my best friend on her wedding day

….purged all of the things! (after my ceiling fell in)

….stopped eating sugar and drinking beers (among other things) for 30 days

….made a budget. For the first time ever.



Summer, you’ve been so sweet. And I know there are still a few more lingering weeks of heat and humidity, but so far, you’ve been a peach.