the first snow

I couldn’t sleep last night. The wind howled and the bones of my apartment creaked against the gusts that blew through town.

I lay in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off and I heard that old familiar sound of metal scraping pavement as my neighbor got out his shovel.

Snow. And probably ice.

As the sun rose, I pressed my face against the pane, fogging up the glass with my hot breath, looking out at the snow-capped chimneys,  just as I had done hundreds of times before. There I was, wearing  inside-out-backwards pajamas, ready for crunchy-snowman-snow, feeling the cold linoleum on my bare feet.

And then I was flying home to Cleveland after my first winter abroad, seeing the neighborhoods dusted with white, twinkling from above in the pressurized airplane cabin.

And then I was waking up to a blizzard in Luxembourg, discovering old rusty sleds in the basement, drinking hot coffee and pulling apart flaky croissants.

And then I was here, listening to the gas heater rattle around, eating thick slices of sourdough bread with homemade pumpkin butter, swaying to old, scratchy records.

“I am younger at the first snow. When I see it, suddenly, all little and white and moving, then I am in love again and very young and I believe in everything.” – Anne Sexton


The Summer that was

I’m a perfectionist (aren’t we all, in our own little ways). Recently I’ve felt confronted by what this means–and how it can imprison me. Life is messy, people make mistakes, and flaws are beautiful. So beautiful. And makes the tapestry of everyday more wonderful.


So, inspired by this post, I’ve decided to remember this summer for what it was, not was it could have been, or what I could have done. Because it was an a

mazing summer, full of growth and wonder.

This summer, I….

…was caught in my first Tornado (in Oklahoma!)

….drove across the plains, and stopped at the ‘home of the throwed rolls.

….visited Asheville, NC

….celebrated two incredible marriages

….stood next to my best friend on her wedding day

….purged all of the things! (after my ceiling fell in)

….stopped eating sugar and drinking beers (among other things) for 30 days

….made a budget. For the first time ever.



Summer, you’ve been so sweet. And I know there are still a few more lingering weeks of heat and humidity, but so far, you’ve been a peach.


Well, this lady is officially living in a new city. I made the move last Friday and have been spending the week getting acquainted with my new job, new home and new neighborhood!

One thing I’m super excited about? Pistacia Vera,  a dessert heaven, home to beautiful macaroons.

And I love macaroons.

When I lived in Luxembourg, famed Parisan macaroon atelier Laduree opened a shop in the city. It took everything in my being to not spend entire paychecks on those tasty little French cookies. Specifically those of the salty caramel variety.


(These macaroons lasted only mere moments after this picture was taken)

New Year = New City!


(drum roll please)

I got a job!!

And with this new job comes a new city to explore and discover. Columbus, Ohio, to be exact. It’s only two hours away from where I grew up (and am currently living), but I have no doubts that it’ll be just as exciting getting to know this new place as it was La Rochelle or Luxembourg.

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