What does it say about you if you start having wedding nightmares….about your best friend’s wedding.

I’m no stranger to unpleasant dreams of the marital nature. No matter that I was obsessed with brides as a little girl, every dream I’ve had about walking down the aisle ends up the same – with a panicked wake up. So I guess I’m a fan of the party, just not the commitment.

So the best friend gets engaged. She eloped first–which brought on a whole slew of odd reactions (read: hyperventilation)–but decided to have a formal ceremony to truly celebrate. She hired a wedding planner, made a list, took care of business and has remained as cool as a cucumber could be.

But this girl? I seem to be subconsciously absorbing the wedding stress and it’s manifesting itself into weird dreams.

The latest involved arriving to the church the day-of (with no time for a rehearsal), the bridal party just hanging out at the altar (no processing) and the bride with no less than six purses on her arm. The groom decides to make a grand entrance with an elaborate slide show, music and dancing. And I’m just trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with the train of her dress, which doesn’t exist anymore because the bride has decided to wear a nightgown. To her wedding.

So maybe this means that I hate change. Or that there’s some funky stuff brewing in the corners of my brain.


cleveland bucket list

(image: from here)

I’m packing my things, getting ready to make the trek to the ol’ capital city (ohio’s capital city to be exact). As I’ve organized myself this week, I’ve also made a point to cross some things off my Cleveland bucket list. My mom has been rolling her eyes at me all weekend, pointing out that I will only be two hours away and this will probably not be my last weekend/week in the city by the lake.

But hey, I’m viewing this an as opportunity to take some time to really appreciate my hometown. Heck! I should have been doing this all along.

A few selections from the bucket list (in no particular order):

1. Dim Sum at Bo Loong in Asian ‘village’: true story – there were fried chicken feet involved

2. Cocktails at the Velvet Tango Room in Ohio City

3. A loaded hot dog at Happy Dog in Detroit Shoreway

4. Gathering ingredients at the West Side Market in Ohio City for a tasty dish

Food seems the be the overwhelming trend in this list but, trust me: Cleveland is just that delicious.

pocket full of sunshine


Today the sun shone for the first time in what seemed like years (really it was just a week or so) and all of a sudden everything was literally, and figuratively, so much brighter. The weight of the world, of questions, decisions, the future – all of it just seemed to lighten, just a bit. And what seemed like the big problems yesterday, today feel small, insignificant, totally doable.

A few of my favorite sunny day pictures:


When I lived in Europe, no amount of classy ‘croissant-and-cafe-au-lait’ could replace the american standard: the 24 hour diner.

Well, it doesn’t have to be one of the ’24 hour’ variety (although, the people watching over a cup of coffee and a piece of pie at midnight when you’re 16 years old with a license and no place to go is pretty magical) as long as there’s the menu filled with the old diner standards, bottomless cups of coffee and hand-written daily lunch specials.

Yesterday, after a meeting on the other side of town, I took my laptop to Gus’s, my newest favorite, a diner to beat all diners. While filling out applications, sending emails, prepping for interviews, I worked on a huge rueben sandwich, catching glimpses of life walking by.

Still life: Half eaten sandwich, thousand island dressing, and the two fries that managed to escape me.

Flee to the Cleve


(from here)

“‘What went wrong here?’ is an unpopular question with the type of city fathers and civic boosters for whom convention centers and pedestrian malls are the answers to all society’s ills but Harvey captured and chronicled every day what was–and will always be–beautiful about Cleveland: the still majestic gorgeousness of what once was–the uniquely quirky charm of what remains, the delightfully offbeat attitude of those who struggle to go on in a city they love and would never dream of leaving. What a two minute overview might depict as a dying, post-industrial town, Harvey celebrated as a living, breathing, richly textured society. ” – Anthony Bourdain

tu me manque

I’ve been home for a little over three months. I can’t hardly believe it – three. months.


Home Sweet Home

While I still feel a bit ‘fish out of water’, there are so many things I love about home…but here are also things I miss about lovely, little Luxembourg.

In no particular order:

1. driving the 7km to France to buy good French bread (strange, but true)

2. creme de marron (aka sweet chestnut paste…trust me on this one)

3. quiet, introspective moments on the train

4. speaking French

5. the flea market that would appear in my little town twice a year

6. sipping wine on cobblestone streets at 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday

7. peony season

8.mes bons amis

9. the weekly market where I would buy a loaf of good brown german bread, talk with my friend at the Greek stand, and on a good day, come home with fresh flowers

10. hot, mulled wine