There’s something about a cold rainy day that reminds me of the Impasse du Chateau, the cobblestones drenched with wet leaves, fresh graffiti on the gate, the riff raff cat-calling in Portuguese slang.

Rainy walks for tiny cups of coffee and big buttery croissants.

Waiting for the train, feeling it *whishhhhh by as it came to a stop.

Sometimes that lifetime feels so very far away. ‘Here is where I’ll grow up,’ I would think to myself. ‘This is where I’ll become the adult I need to be.’ But I realized that it was moving to Columbus, starting a career, beginning a new life  where I have confronted true challenge, very real heartache, and joy that stems from adversity.

It’s easy to travel, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s easy to run away from life.

Living. It’s the everyday living that’s hard. And if you can’t master that, no matter where you go, you’ll be stuck.


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