Morning Commute

A little European flavor during the morning commute.

I need a vespa.


Last April I was training for the Camino, a walk in the hills of Spain, a pilgrimage.

It’s been almost a year since I crossed in to the plaza, staring up at the Cathedral de Santiago, my feet blistered, the sounds of the Glacian bagpipe echoing against the brick. In my naivete, I thought this was the end of my journey. But I realize, more than ever, that I am still very much on this pilgrimage of life, walking it’s peaks and valleys.

I’ve felt the downward slope of rough days in the past week, feeling frustrated, weak….sad. But then I remember Peter, from Korea, with his kind eyes, telling me how as he walked the Camino, he felt every. step. Uphill, downhill, through the rain and in the sun, he walked with purpose, never taking a moment in his journey for granted.

Finding blessing in being a perregino.

…And what a blessing it is.