cleveland bucket list

(image: from here)

I’m packing my things, getting ready to make the trek to the ol’ capital city (ohio’s capital city to be exact). As I’ve organized myself this week, I’ve also made a point to cross some things off my Cleveland bucket list. My mom has been rolling her eyes at me all weekend, pointing out that I will only be two hours away and this will probably not be my last weekend/week in the city by the lake.

But hey, I’m viewing this an as opportunity to take some time to really appreciate my hometown. Heck! I should have been doing this all along.

A few selections from the bucket list (in no particular order):

1. Dim Sum at Bo Loong in Asian ‘village’: true story – there were fried chicken feet involved

2. Cocktails at the Velvet Tango Room in Ohio City

3. A loaded hot dog at Happy Dog in Detroit Shoreway

4. Gathering ingredients at the West Side Market in Ohio City for a tasty dish

Food seems the be the overwhelming trend in this list but, trust me: Cleveland is just that delicious.


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