french beauty

(Image source: Unknown)

One night in Luxembourg, I was going to dinner with some friends. I had gotten ready in the normal fashion – coiffed hair, make-up, a carefully selected outfit – and hit the town. As we entered the restaurant, I caught a glimpse of one of chicest women I’ve ever seen: fresh faced, her hair naturally falling down her back, a simple long sleeved shirt, and (of course) red lips.

I loved that. Simple, effortless, natural, with a pop of color.

It seems like the M.O. of those stylish French ladies is to take care of what you’ve got, and then, to show it off. For example, in France, the pharmacies are filled with lovely creams, lotions, and vitamins for beautiful skin that you wouldn’t think of covering up with foundation.

The other day I found Gwyneth’s list of her favorite French pharmacy finds and it made me (among other things) want to get on the next plane to Paris.


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