pocket full of sunshine


Today the sun shone for the first time in what seemed like years (really it was just a week or so) and all of a sudden everything was literally, and figuratively, so much brighter. The weight of the world, of questions, decisions, the future – all of it just seemed to lighten, just a bit. And what seemed like the big problems yesterday, today feel small, insignificant, totally doable.

A few of my favorite sunny day pictures:



When I lived in Europe, no amount of classy ‘croissant-and-cafe-au-lait’ could replace the american standard: the 24 hour diner.

Well, it doesn’t have to be one of the ’24 hour’ variety (although, the people watching over a cup of coffee and a piece of pie at midnight when you’re 16 years old with a license and no place to go is pretty magical) as long as there’s the menu filled with the old diner standards, bottomless cups of coffee and hand-written daily lunch specials.

Yesterday, after a meeting on the other side of town, I took my laptop to Gus’s, my newest favorite, a diner to beat all diners. While filling out applications, sending emails, prepping for interviews, I worked on a huge rueben sandwich, catching glimpses of life walking by.

Still life: Half eaten sandwich, thousand island dressing, and the two fries that managed to escape me.