Ah, the roadtrip. The all-american rite of passage. The closest I had ever come to this was a crazy-long train ride from Cleveland to New Mexico when I was 16. And that was mostly characterized by an unusually large group of Amish folks, our fellow passengers, as well as an equally large group of people who decided to get drunk. It was quite the juxtaposition and left some serious impressions on my impressionable young self.

Well, as I was planning my move back to the states, I had the idea of going on a roadtrip, re-acquainting myself with the homeland, and putting off the arduous task of looking for a new job. And so, me and my pal hit the open road.

Even though it feels like ages ago (or two months ago…), the memories glitter in my mind of those blissful days, watching the scenery pass, listening to David Sedaris, talking about everything…it was pretty swell. One of my favorite memories was just outside Portland. As we drove along Hood river, we passed by this little stand, filled with lavender.

We put our $5 in the box and with the sweet smell of summer, drove on to our next destination.


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