flying over icebergs

I won’t lie, looking for a job is hard. Emotionally taxing. Folks are so great about giving advice, and I really appreciate all the little tips, ideas and job leads. But sometimes? Sometimes I want to dig my heals in, be stubborn, prideful and tell people that I don’t need help (when the reality is, I do).

For the first time, I feel like I’m starting to inch along this long road, slowly but surely. I’m blessed beyond belief with a supportive family, a roof over my head (which more often than not, also involves homecooked dinner) and a cozy coffee shop that keeps me caffeinated as I scour job boards.

I found these photos when I was looking at the ol’ archives this morning. They’re from this July when I was flying home to move back for the foreseeable future. In the countless flights I’ve been on, I’d never seen something quite like this as we flew over Greenland. Brilliantly white ice caps floating in the ocean, speckling the blue sea.

I was nervous, a little sad, a little excited, and completely unsure of what would be next. Honestly, I still feel like I’m floating in that same limbo, but I’m hopeful that it will all be worth the wait (for whatever could happen next).


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