tu me manque

I’ve been home for a little over three months. I can’t hardly believe it – three. months.


Home Sweet Home

While I still feel a bit ‘fish out of water’, there are so many things I love about home…but here are also things I miss about lovely, little Luxembourg.

In no particular order:

1. driving the 7km to France to buy good French bread (strange, but true)

2. creme de marron (aka sweet chestnut paste…trust me on this one)

3. quiet, introspective moments on the train

4. speaking French

5. the flea market that would appear in my little town twice a year

6. sipping wine on cobblestone streets at 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday

7. peony season

8.mes bons amis

9. the weekly market where I would buy a loaf of good brown german bread, talk with my friend at the Greek stand, and on a good day, come home with fresh flowers

10. hot, mulled wine



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