In my euro/luxembourg/france-sickness, I dove into my stash of cookbooks. While the list of contenders of was long, in the end it was the lovely Julia Childs that won. I’ve loved her since I read ‘My Life in France’ while beginning my own life in France (eons before the movie came out) and I knew she’d have just the ticket for cooking away those little pangs in my heart.

Croissants. I decided to make croissants. That beautiful, fluffy, crescent shaped pastry.

And the bonus? The first line of instruction mentioned that this particular recipe takes 11-12 hours (rising of dough included) and for this lady, unemployed, living at home, I knew this was perfection.

Thus began the journey of mixing, kneading, buttering, folding, rolling, and waiting. Twelve long hours later, the fruits of my labor were complete. And while the croissants are not nearly as fluffy, or light, or, well, perfect, as those in my adopted-homeland, I’ll take it.




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